Our Mission: To Show You How To Grow Your Green Blog Site As A Stay-At-Home Mom

Our mission is to help stay-at-home moms all over the world. If you want to get the word out about your blog, product, services, or anything then we are here to get things underway. Here are some tips to help you grow your blog site to give you an idea of what you can do as a mom working from home.

Picking out topics that people are actually interested in is not that difficult to do. What you have to do is find a news source that talks about your niche. Maybe you can find a blog that has its finger on the pulse of the niche you’re in. Either way, your goal is to look around and come up with a list of topics based on what’s trending in your niche. People are more likely to stick with your blog if it’s updated regularly with interesting information.

Engage With Your Audience Through Comments

Let people make comments on your blog and answer their questions. If someone says something nice, then thank them. A lot of people don’t stop reading the website until they are done reading the comments, too. There are even people that love to talk through comments so they’ll visit the site more than once just to keep up with the conversation you’re having with them or that they’re having with other people. Make sure you have some way to combat spam like by using a CAPTCHA system. You don’t want everyone to get drowned out by spammers so check your comments regularly and delete what looks to be spam.

Optimize Your Blog

You need to optimize each post that you make. The title, for instance, is going to need to have a keyword in it so it can help get you ranked in search results. You also should come up with content that contains one or two instances of a keyword you’re trying to rank your site for. Look up search engine optimization for more tips on what to do. That way, you get visitors from Google and other search sites instead of just hoping people show up.

Hire Writers If Need Be

Pay people to come up with posts for you if you’re having writer’s block. Then, you can just say that it’s a guest writer. You never know, people may like the guest posts a lot and you can make them a regular thing so you’re not always having to write. It is easy to set up a blog and fill it up with a few posts, but it gets old fast due to how often you have to post. If you’re not making regular posts then your blog isn’t going to do well. If there are ads, then they won’t be likely to get clicked on without traffic, either.

Any mom that works from home can grow their blog site. Our mission is to help you do what you can to survive if you’re a stay at home mom. Now that you know more about blogs, you can work on yours and be more successful with it.