About Green Moms Media

Green Moms Media was founded in 2012 by Chrystal Johnson, a mom who has a passion for green, natural and sustainable living. As a green mom blogger herself, Chrystal saw an opportunity to create a better way for green bloggers to connect with the natural brands they’re passionate about.

We’re dedicated to helping natural and organic companies create a groundswell of interest in their brands by getting them in front of the green moms who purchase their products.

About Founder Chrystal Johnson

After graduating from Pepperdine University in 1999 with a degree in Public Relations, Chrystal Johnson jumped feet first into the corporate world. She had a successful career as a marketing communications manager for a Fortune 20 company, where she was responsible for leading message development workshops and shaping marketing strategy.

She fully intended upon climbing the corporate ladder to executive leadership, and was well on her way, when her older daughter was born in 2008. The life-changing event of becoming a mom turned her world upside down – for the better.

She made the decision to step off the corporate ladder and founded Happy Mothering shortly thereafter. Her goal was to document her journey to living naturally while sharing her favorite safe and eco-friendly products with like-minded moms.

Her younger daughter was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2010, and the experience of living and giving birth abroad further deepened her passion for living simply and naturally. This passion permeated both her personal life and her online presence.

In 2012, she founded Green Moms Media as a way to merge her marketing expertise with her love of blogging and passion for natural products. This boutique PR firm works with the best natural brands on the market to get their message out through green mom bloggers.

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