Our Clients: Past and Present

Logic Product Group

Logic Product Group is an eco-friendly company that provides products that are safe and effective for the whole family! Their brands – TotLogic, LiceLogic, BarkLogic and BedbugLogic – contain No Toxic Chemicals, No Pesticides, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Synthetic Colors, No Harmful Fumes and No Animal ingredients (and No Animal Testing). Green Moms Media is working with them on a blog outreach campaign to generate more awareness for  TotLogic, their natural line of bath and body care products for everyday use for babies, kids, and the entire family.

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The Homegrown Collective

homegrown-collective-logoThe Homegrown Collective is a premium subscription box service that offers seasonally appropriate boxes filled with products that deliver the experience of leading a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle right to your doorstep. These eco-friendly boxes contain products in the categories of gardening, home remedies, homegrown fresh food, non toxic-household products and much more! Green Moms Media is managing an ongoing blog review campaign for The Homegrown Collective to help them spread their message of sustainable living.

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home-block2-imgSckoonCup is a new FDA-approved medical-grade soft silicone menstrual cup. The SckoonCup is made in the USA.  SckoonCup is made from a single piece of silicone, making it much smoother than other menstrual cups, and it’s available in two sizes and 6 colors. Green Moms Media is working with SckoonCup on a blog outreach program (reviews and giveaways), email marketing campaign as well as consulting with them on marketing strategy and brand messaging.

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laundry_powderMolly’s Suds

Molly’s Suds, a mom-owned company, offers a natural laundry detergent that was recently rated an “A” in the EWG Cleaning Guide. It has No SLS/SLES, no phosphates, no petrochemicals, no formaldehyde, no parabens, no 1,4 dioxane, no EDTA, no Diethanolamines, no synthetic surfactants, no PEG and no NPE’s. It’s also cloth diaper safe and safe for high efficiency washers. Green Moms Media is working with Molly’s Suds to place reviews on Green Moms Network blogs.

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liquid-health-squareLiquid Health Prenatal Vitamin

Liquid Health will be launching a new liquid, whole foods prenatal vitamin that’s formulated with the help from doctors, midwives, and other medical professionals in the next 1-2 weeks. They would like to work with bloggers who are trying to conceive, currently expecting or breastfeeding. Green Moms Media is coordinating a review and giveaway campaign through the Green Moms Network to help promote the launch of this new whole foods prenatal vitamin supplement.

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static-pixels-logoStatic Pixels

Static Pixels is a really cool green picture printing company. They print directly on recycled cardboard that’s made from post-consumer and renewable sources – there is no mounting process. No glue and no toxic chemicals, just eco-friendly UV ink on recycled cardboard. They are Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified and Forest Stewardship Council certified. Green Moms Media is coordinating a review campaign to raise awareness for this green photo printing brand.

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ViaParenting offers programs to help parents practice more mindful parenting and bring more peace to their homes. Their two main products are 1) The CD / MP3, Rock Your Inner Mama and 2) The Program, From Chaos to Tranquility in the Pre-school Years. Green Moms Media is coordinating a blog review and giveaway campaign to help promote these mindful parenting programs.

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Natural Vitality

Natural-Vitality-LogoNatural Vitality makes high-quality, award-winning dietary supplements. They are best know for Natural Calm, a magnesium supplement, but they also offer several other high-quality, Non-GMO Project Verified supplements. Green Moms Media worked with Natural Vitality on a giveaway event around Mother’s Day, with a theme of, “Let Your Inner & Outer Beauty Shine.”

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Clean Spirited

clean-spiritedClean Spirited is a woman-owned business committed to offering cleaner alternatives to the things you already buy. They offer eco-friendly products for women, men and kids as well as products for the home, bath and gift ideas. Clean Spirited rates each of the products on their site based on a 5-Point Clean Rating so you will know, at a glance, exactly how green their products are. They evaluate products on these 5 key factors: Natural, Recycled, Local, Fair Trade and Humanitarian. Green Moms Media is working with Clean Spirited to host a group giveaway event with 10 targeted green mom bloggers.

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Wee Rock Toy Co.

ModelWee Rock Toy Co. Founders, Catherine O’Sullivan and Michael Galea, used their architectural training to create a classic rocking horse using sustainable materials and a unique design. Each rocker has just six parts that are shipped flat and can be assembled with no tools, no glue and no hardware! All of their classic rockers are crafted from bamboo plywood – an ultra high quality, renewable and child-safe material. Unlike most plywood, the bamboo plywood used by Wee Rock uses a soy-based adhesive that emits zero VOCs and is a responsibly sourced renewable material. All of these toys are cut, finished and packaged in the United States! Green Moms Media is working with them to organize a group giveaway event through our network of green mom bloggers.

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Delightfully is a virtual gift wrap service that allows you to hand-wrap your online gift! With Delightfully, you can create the perfect ‘unwrapping’ moment for any gift occasion. Say goodbye to wasteful paper and tape and say hello to this eco-friendly gift-wrap alternative! Green Moms Media worked with them to coordinate a large-scale giveaway event during the Christmas 2012 season through its extensive network of eco-friendly bloggers.

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alex+von is a direct sales company specializing in natural beauty brands, including 100% Pure, Original Moxie, au Naturale, suki Skincare, Grateful Body, EO and Episencial. Green Moms Media worked with them to put together a Facebook campaign to generate interest in a month-end sale through its network of bloggers.

More Brands We’ve Partnered With

Events hosted by the Green Moms Network have had sponsors from many well-known natural brands such as Earth Mama Angel Baby, Onya Baby, ERGOBaby, Boba, Beco, Kombucha Kamp, Cultures for Health, Better Life, Kelty, Wondermill, ReuseIt, People Towels, Grounds for Change, Green Pasture, Real Salt, Holistic Baby Sleep System, Good Light, Green Babies and many, many more.

Through her green mom blog, Happy Mothering, Chrystal has worked with major national and international brands such as Hilton, Mazda, BOB Gear, Britax, Sears, Keurig, Seventh Generation, Good Cook, Oral-B, Arm & Hammer, Invisalign, Netflix, MommyJuice and many more.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I just wanted to let you know that we’ve picked up more new likes on our Facebook page since your review than we’ve picked up all year. Thanks again!”
— David Callicott, Goodlight Candles

“Your giveaway opportunities have single-handedly increased my Facebook page from 30 Likes to more than 410 Likes with the last two promotions!”
— Jennifer Taveras, Holistic Baby Sleep System